Web Solutions

Web Solutions

At Awita Studio, we offer website development services using WordPress as the foundation to provide customized and agile solutions to our clients. From informational sites, blogs, to online stores (e-commerce), we make sure that all our websites are attractive, functional and adaptable to all mobile devices. We know that a website is an essential tool for any company or business that seeks to have a presence in the digital world.

WordPress installation and configuration

Starting point for new projects or to carry out diagnostic, support and optimization tasks. Some of the tasks we perform are the following:

Install in test and production environment.
DNS configuration.
Register with search engines.
SSL certificate.

Theme Development

The presence of your brand(s), product(s) and/or service(s) in the digital medium makes more sense if it maintains the appearance guidelines of your brand.

If you have a style guide and/or assets such as a logo, iconography, fonts, we perform the visual integration on your website taking into account the functionality you require.

In case you don’t have a style guide or assets, check out our design solutions (opens in a new tab) so that the visual integration on the web is even more consistent.

Plugin Development

We also develop plugins for you to integrate your site with external services or for your site to have additional functionality.

An example is Clip Payment Gateway, the “unofficial” plugin to integrate Clip with WooCommerce.

Publish Content

If you want to post consistently but don’t have time to learn WordPress, we can post content on your behalf.
The process is the following:

We define (with you) an editorial calendar.
We receive the content.
On the test site we create the post for review and approval.
Once approved, at the production site, we schedule a publication date and time so that it is online.
Diagnosis, Support, Optimization
We review your WordPress installation to locate and correct problems that affect the proper functioning of your site.
We also look for areas of opportunity to improve the performance of your site.

Customized services

We know that the needs of each project are different. If you are looking for something that we have not mentioned, write to us and tell us about the needs of your project. We evaluate the feasibility and, if it is feasible, we offer you a personalized proposal.